Lunch Bag

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ECO & ENVIORNMENTAL FRIENDLY: We use the same eco-friendly philosophy when choosing our lunch bag material as we did with our Bklyn Bento lunch box. This material not only has a good look and feel to it; it’s also Lead-Free, Vinyl-Free and PVC-free.

NEOPRENE LUNCH BAG: Not sure what neoprene is? Go ask a surfer. It’s the same material his/her wetsuit is made of. It’s super durable, soft, kinda stretchy and it’s easy to clean. Oh yeah, it’s also waterproof. Surfs up!

EASY TO CLEAN: If you’ve already been to our Bklyn Bento box listing on Amazon; then you already know how much I love cleaning the dishes (not). We’ll this thing is easy to clean.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE + SHOULDER STRAP: If you’ve ever carried a bag with a handle that digs into your hands you’ll really appreciate this bag’s design. We’ve made the handle comfortable to carry on long walks; and that blue strap is not just for looks… swing it around the top of the bag and it’s a shoulder strap.