Large Round With Removable Silicone Food Separator

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WHAT’S IN THIS SET?: Thought you’d never ask. This is our Largest Round food container that measures (with lid on) approx. 6” across and 2 7/8 in height. This NEW LARGER SIZE holds a Total Capacity of 4 CUPS (32oz) which is perfect for those hungry days. It also comes with a Removable Silicone Food Separator which we think is awesome for 2 reasons: (1) it keeps your food separated and (2) the Food Separator can be placed in a microwave to heat up your food.

WAIT, THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SILICONE?: Yup. We didn’t know this either until we started manufacturing our silicone lids. Unfortunately, a lot of silicone has “filler” mixed in with the silicone because it’s a lot cheaper to make. We only use 100% Pure LFGB Silicone (the highest quality available) and we don’t “cut it’ with any fillers.

100% LEAKPROOF AND EASY TO OPEN (YES, FINALLY!): Easier said than done. It only took us 4 months to create a custom silicone mold that’s easy enough for a child to open.