Condiment Set (3 Piece)

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WHAT’S IN THIS SET?: Are you looking for 3 HUGE food containers? If you are, you came to the wrong place. These “little buddies’ are Really Small. This set is made to hold your “condiments” or “dipping sauces” so your food doesn’t get soggy. 2 of them hold 1.5oz and the 3rd holds 3oz. Wondering how big that is? Remember those crazy nights doing shots at the bar? Well these would work perfect for that. Did I mention they’re also good to hold salad dressing or condiments?

WAIT, THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SILICONE?: Yup. We didn’t know this either until we started manufacturing our silicone lids. Unfortunately, a lot of silicone has “filler” mixed in with the silicone because it’s a lot cheaper to make. We only use 100% Pure LFGB Silicone (the highest quality available) and we don’t “cut it’ with any fillers.

100% LEAKPROOF AND EASY TO OPEN (YES, FINALLY!) Easier said than done. It only took us 4 months to create a custom silicone mold that’s easy enough for a child to open.