Turkish Copper Coffee Pot

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Our Turkish Coffee Pot is entirely made of thick copper. The outside of the pot is hammered and completely made by hand. It is perfect to use as a Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Coffee Pot, Arabic Coffee Pot, Briki, Milk Pot, Small Sauce Pan or Butter Melter. It has a strong and ergonomic handle with a food-safe tin lining inside. The handle can get hot while cooking, please use oven mitts when using.

Suitable for 2-3 servings of coffee in a demitasse, or small cup used for Turkish coffee or espresso. The pot has a capacity of 6.7 ounces (200 ml), the handle length is 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm), mouth diameter is 2 5/8 inches (6.7 cm) and depth is 3 inches (7.6 cm).