Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Premium Dessert Sauce

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The premium-quality ingredients in our silky Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt sauce allow pure flavors to shine through: Rich and robust gourmet chocolate, with hints of buttery caramel and vanilla, fragrant cocoa notes, and a salty, satisfying finish. Salty-sweet lovers will find chocolate euphoria in every bite.

Sunday Night’s luxurious, velvety, award-winning sauces are made in small batches with a classic French technique, creating pure chocolate ganache without corn syrup, preservatives, palm oil, or emulsifiers.

More than just hot fudge for ice cream, Sunday Night sauces are ready to be poured, dipped, drizzled, or transformed into desserts, drinks, and more. Spread on cakes and cookies, make frosting and fillings, whip up hot chocolate or martinis, or bake one of the more than 40 recipes on our website.

Sunday Night sauces are unique, luxury gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, coworkers, friends, bosses, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, bakers, and foodies!